华盛顿的妇女游行 and hundreds of sister marches across the country and around the globe brought millions to the streets for a historic day of protest the day after US President Donald Trump's inauguration. CNN followed the national organizers of the Women's March over the course of a year, documenting how a moment became a movement.

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A historic day of protest

2017年1月21日 历史性的抗议日

the Women's March on Washington and hundreds of sister marches across the country and around the globe brought millions to the streets the day after US President Donald Trump’s inauguration for what has been heralded as the largest single-day protest in American history.

"在这一刻, 我认为是极其强大的东西的是机会, 但这只是机会。因为直到1月22日到来, 我们看到人们继续做这项工作, 这意味着什么。
& mdash; tamika mallory, 妇女游行联合主席
Protesters flood US airports following President Trump’s first executive order
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2017年1月28日 在特朗普总统发布第一项行政命令后, 抗议者涌入美国机场

Protesters and legal professionals flood US airports by the thousands in the chaos that followed President Trump’s first executive order, which banned citizens from seven majority Muslim countries from entering the US, as well as indefinitely halting the entry of Syrian refugees. On February 9, a federal appeals court ruled 3 to 0 against the travel ban, the first of three such travel bans signed by executive order during President Trump’s first year.

"到处都是人在组织, 这是最了不起的事情, 因为它在那一刻向我证明了, 妇女游行有在这个国家建立抵抗的动力...... 这是16年来生活在美国后的第一个时刻之一"don ' 我们的人民一直把目标对准我们的社区, 我们的人民就像, ' 等一下, 也许我们的美国同胞倒下了。也许他们真的明白我们在一起。也许这种抵抗真的想让我们集中起来, 关心我们 "对我来说, 这真的很感人。
琳达·萨苏, 助理司库, 《妇女游行》

2017年1月31日 在美国首都举行具有历史意义的抗议日之后10天

the Women’s March organizers head back to Washington, D.C. just 10 days after the historic day of protest in the nation’s capital. They are joined by fellow organizers, activists and elected officials outside of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s session to approve the nomination of then-Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions as the US attorney general. The full Senate confirmed Sessions’ nomination on February 8.

"我们必须对我们的参议员说, 如果你投他 ' 赞成 ' 票, 我们就投 ' 不 ' 票......" 他是对的。我们必须走向的地方, 女士们, 先生们, 兄弟姐妹们, 是走向2018年的选举, 对人们说, 在这些中期, 我们不会忘记你们。如果你不按照人民的意愿去做, 我们将确保你在这个国家没有工作的中期 "
& mdash; tamika mallory, 妇女游行联合主席
The 'Day Without Immigrants' nationwide strike
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2月 16, 2017 "没有移民的日子" 全国罢工

the “Day Without Immigrants” nationwide strike and boycott saw businesses shut down amid a political climate that protesters perceived as increasingly hostile to immigrants. The mass protest would serve as the inspiration for “A Day Without A Woman” the following month.

The Women's March launches an environmental justice campaign
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2月 17, 2017 妇女游行发起环境正义运动

the Women’s March launches an environmental justice campaign focused on defunding the Dakota Access Pipeline by encouraging people to withdraw their money from the major banks financing the controversial and heavily protested project.

The 'I Am a Muslim Too' rally in New York City

2月 19, 2017 "我是纽约市的穆斯林" 集会

the “I Am a Muslim Too” rally in New York City’s Times Square is a public declaration of solidarity with Muslims amid what is perceived to be increasingly discriminatory rhetoric and policy from the Trump administration against Muslim Americans and immigrants, including legally contested bans aiming to bar travel into the US by citizens of several majority Muslim countries.

Town hall events flooded with vocal constituents
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2017年2月18-25日 市政厅事件充斥着声势浩大的选民

During President’s Day week, members of Congress held town hall events in their home districts that were flooded with vocal constituents, mobilized into civic engagement.

3月 8, 2017 全国各地和世界各地的妇女都举行了罢工

women across the country and around the world went on strike on International Women’s Day, encouraged to demonstrate their collective economic power by skipping work and refusing to spend money at businesses not owned by women or minorities.. In the US, several school districts closed for the day and Democratic members of the US House of Representatives staged a walkout and rally on Capitol Hill. In solidarity with the International Women’s Strike organizers, Women’s March organizers led “A Day Without a Woman” rally and march in New York City that culminated in an act of civil disobedience. Thirteen people, including all four national co-chairs of the Women’s March, were arrested while blocking traffic in front of the Trump International Hotel and Tower.

"最近, 我有一个邻居问我..。"你为什么会被逮捕?这太疯狂了 "因此, 纵观非暴力直接行动和公民不服从作为社会正义策略的历史, 以及历史上这是公民权利运动的一部分之类的一年前, 我不可能和任何这样的人交谈。我只是在学习它。
& mdash; bob bland, 妇女游行联合主席
A 'Kill the Bill' rally brought protesters to the US Capitol building
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3月 24, 2017 "杀了比尔" 集会将抗议者带到美国国会大厦

a 个 “Kill the Bill” rally brought protesters to the US Capitol building, demanding that members of Congress vote “no” on the latest iteration of the GOP healthcare bill. House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the bill and postponed the vote after determining there was not enough support to pass it.

'Women for Syria' rallies and vigils in cities across the country

4月 13, 2017 "叙利亚妇女" 全国各城市的集会和守夜活动

美国rging people to educate themselves about the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in Syria following a chemical weapons attack in the country days earlier, Women’s March organizers held “Women for Syria” rallies and vigils in cities across the country. Activists in New York condemned President Trump’s executive order to indefinitely suspend the admission of Syrian refugees into the US.

March for Science brought scientists and advocates to the streets
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4月 22, 2017 科学的游行把科学家和倡导者带到了街头

nspired by the Women’s March on Washington, the March for Science brought scientists and advocates who believe in “science, not silence” to the streets of the nation’s capital and hundreds of cities across the globe. The Earth Day demonstrations called for evidence-based policymaking and adequate funding for the sciences.

May Day protests and strikes around the country
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5月 1, 2017 "五一" 抗议和罢工在全国各地

organized labor, immigrant rights groups and others marched in large-scale May Day protests and strikes around the country. Pockets of demonstrators in a few cities engaged in property destruction and clashed with counter-protesters in what police classified as riots.

'The People's Filibuster to Stop Trumpcare' brought protesters to Capitol Hill
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2017年6月27-28日 "阻止特鲁姆帕奇" 的人民部队把抗议者带到了国会山

& t; the People’s Filibuster to Stop Trumpcare" brought protesters to Capitol Hill against Republican efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Protests, sit-ins and die-in demonstrations were staged across the country during the month of June against the GOP’s attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Dozens of disability rights activists and advocates were arrested, after being forcibly removed from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office. Without enough votes to pass, the planned Senate vote was postponed and by the end of September, another Republican healthcare bill dies without the votes to pass.

7月 14, 2017 妇女游行组织了一次18英里的游行, 从 nra 总部

Following the publication of a National Rifle Association ad, which critics say encouraged violence against progressive movements and peaceful protesters, the Women’s March organized an 18-mile march from the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, to the US Department of Justice in Washington. Women’s March leadership also called out what it said was the inadequate response by the NRA to the acquittal of the Minnesota police officer in the killing of Philando Castile, a black man and licensed gun owner who was fatally shot during a traffic stop. Activists marched in 90-degree heat and through a downpour against gun violence and in favor of tighter gun control legislation.

"1 6年前, 我儿子的父亲被枪杀, 在尸体被发现前被留在沟里两周。我经常想到, 用非法枪支杀死他。我想知道, 如果我们有明智的枪支法和背景调查, 可能阻止了将枪贩运到开枪人手中的人, 他现在会不会在这里帮助我抚养我18岁的儿子? "
& mdash; tamika mallory, 妇女游行联合主席

8月 28, 2017 活动人士开始了为期10天的反对白人至上的游行

Participants in the “Unite the Right” rally, including members of the KKK, neo-Nazis, and white nationalists, clashed with counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 11 and 12. Counter-protester Heather Heyer was killed and more than a dozen people were injured in the violence. On August 28, a coalition of activists, organizers and protesters embarked on a more than 100-mile, 10-day march against white supremacy from Charlottesville to Washington.

"对于很多没有醒来的白人女性来说, 她们并不是这些运动空间或这些对话的真正一部分, 去年 1 9 6 年 1 1月8日我们醒来的时候, 我们不知道过这个世界的方式...... 而不承认我们的白度", 我们没有意识到这在世界和有色社区制造暴力的方式。我们没有意识到我们是如何坚持白人至上制度和其他压迫制度的, 因为我们不承认我们的特权。
& mdash; bob bland, 妇女游行联合主席
Attorney General Jeff Sessions announces DACA will be rescinded
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9月 5, 2017 总检察长杰夫·塞斯宣布 daca 将被撤销

a 个ttorney General Jeff Sessions announces that the Obama-era program, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), will be rescinded, leaving in limbo the fate of approximately 800,000 young people who arrived in the US illegally as children. The decision sparked protests and rallies across the country in the first weeks of September. On January 9, 2018, a federal judge temporarily blocked the Trump administration’s decision to end the DACA program.

The two-word hashtag 'MeToo' went viral on Twitter

2017年10月15日 两个字的哈希标签 "梅太" 在微博上疯传

a 个s numerous women in Hollywood spoke up to accuse movie executive Harvey Weinstein of serial sexual harassment, the two-word hashtag “MeToo” went viral on Twitter, with women from all walks of life sharing their personal experiences of sexual harassment, assault and abuse. The “Me Too” campaign, founded by activist Tarana Burke 10 years earlier, took off and has continued to build momentum across industries into 2018’s “Time’s Up” campaign.

"有一点对我来说是个人的, 那就是让我意识到杏彩娱乐平台网站暴力。特别是与我太运动, 已被改造..。我当然想知道, 作为一个自己经历过杏彩娱乐平台网站暴力的人, 我如何分享我的故事...... 拥有我们的声音并使用它可能是最关键的 "
& mdashs; carmen perez, 《妇女游行》, 司库

2017年10月27日 妇女游行组织召开了为期三天的大会

the Women’s March organization convened a three-day convention including speakers, panels and crowd-sourced workshops, from “Fundraising for a Revolution” to “Confronting White Womanhood” -- the latter of which was held twice due to popular demand. The Women’s Convention in Detroit also included trainings on how to run for elected office and hosted a diverse cross-section of partnerships and representation, from immigrant rights groups, to disability rights activists, to the reproductive justice and anti-violence against women movements.

"我相信大会巩固了组织的方法。当你回到你的社区时...... 看看桌子周围。谁不在那里?妇女游行教会了你谁需要坐在你的桌子上。妇女游行教会了你大胆的讨论。
琳达·萨苏, 助理司库, 《妇女游行》
Local elections across the country saw historic Democratic wins

2017年11月7日 全国各地的地方选举见证了民主党历史性的胜利

ocal elections across the country saw surprising and historic Democratic wins, including that of openly trans candidate Danica Roem. She unseated Virginia House Delegate Bob Marshall, the author of the state’s bill to restrict access to bathrooms by trans people. Kathy Tran, a refugee from Vietnam, became the first Asian-American woman elected to the Virginia House of Delegates, and several women who were inspired to run by the Women’s March won seats as well. Hala Ayala, who decided to run after organizing a bus trip to the Women’s March on Washington, will become one of the first Latinas in the Virginia General Assembly.

"这项登记、赋权和教育选民的工作, 我认为这就是我们能够影响我们关心的所有问题的地方......" 他说。我祖母曾经说过, "上帝可以拿一根弯曲的棍子, 直接舔一下。而当我想到这一点时, 对我来说, 这意味着我可以投票, 把所有的别针都击倒的想法 "
& mdash; tamika mallory, 妇女游行联合主席
Hundreds protest the Republican tax overhaul bill
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2017年12月13日 数百人抗议共和党的税收改革法案

Hundreds converged on Capitol Hill to protest the Republican tax overhaul bill, which included a repeal of the Affordable Care Act mandate. According to a 美国有线电视杏彩娱乐平台网站网民调, when the measure eventually passed on December 20, only 33% of Americans supported it.

"我认为, 这种抵抗开始教会人们, 作为一个--谢天谢地, 我没有绝症, 我的健康状况也很好--的人是多么重要--这并不意味着我不会去追求那些如果我们废除医疗服务或通过医疗服务就会死去的人"一个可能对他们的生活产生不利影响的税收法案..。这是一个重要的、非常基本的人类概念: 我们不能生活在一个周围人民遭受苦难的社会中 "
琳达·萨苏, 助理司库, 《妇女游行》